When is a Home and Office Removals Company doubtful?

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Trusting your belongings with strangers will surely be very risky. That is why it is very important for you to find a trustworthy Home and Office Removals Company. Though you cannot also avoid meeting people with bad practices. No matter how careful you are in choosing a company they may still come up.

That is why it is very important also for individuals to be aware about various malpractices and doubtful actions that  companies do. I am not saying that you should not trust the company. If you won’t trust them, then you will end up moving your things on your own.

What you really need to know now are the instances or situations that are doubtful. These practices may show that you cannot rely on the home and office removals company. Again, the following tips are just for you to be cautious. Knowing this will save you from possible scam companies.

No company reviews

Whether you are an old or new in the business industry, you will surely have company reviews and testimonials. Do not ever believe a company when they will tell you that they don’t have one when you asked them.

Quotes via phone call

A home and office removals company will surely find time to visit you, especially when you are asking for a quote because this action means that you are a potential customer. Now, if the company will just give you a quote by simply talking to you over the phone, then this will not always be a reliable quote.

Providing materials for

Some companies may be telling you that they are going to provide you all the materials needed to pack your things. This is indeed a good offer, but did they mention that this is not free? With this offer, do not be surprised, if you will find the packing materials fee in your bill because you won’t even know how much will be charged.

Providing recycled boxes

Do not allow the movers to provide you used and recycled boxes because these are not tough enough to carry the weight of your belongings. I know that using recycled materials are good. But, by using those used boxes, your belongings are at risk.

Moves everything

When a company allows and accept everything that you would like to move, especially interstate or to other countries, then that would be very doubtful. When they do this, they have to let you know that there are rules, regulations and policies to follow, according to the law. So, just make sure it would be explained to you and that legal documents will be presented.

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