Why must you move to Perth?

Each and every one of us has his own reasons why he needs to relocate. Let’s say that you need to move because your job was relocated. Whatever the reason is, pretty sure that you will learn to love and embrace the beauty of your new home – your new place.

A lot of visitors have not discovered yet the beauty and style of living in Perth. This is the reason why some have not yet decided to move here. But, if I am going to tell you right now that there are good reasons why you must move to Perth, then you will surely consider it.

We have here a few of the factors that you must consider before finally moving in to Western Australia.


Great Weather

One of the things that you must consider when moving is the weather. If you will live in Perth, then you won’t have much regrets because the weather is really great because of its’ sunny climate. I know that a lot of individuals hang around when it’s summer because you can do everything every day. So, I guess this reason is cool enough.

Beaches around

What do you think is perfect for a sunny day? Of course, it would be beaches. When the weather is hot and it is sunny, then you can spend any time on the beach. This is a perfect place to enjoy the sea breeze. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why visitors from different places come to Perth.


You won’t have to worry about your flights. This must be the reason why visitors keep on coming. You can easily get a taxi and reach the domestic and international airports without traffic jams. Indeed, this is a great advantage to the city.

For the whole family

Now, if your workplace was moved to Perth, then do not think that you need to stay far away from your family. You have a reason good enough to bring them with you because you can find here playgrounds, gardens, parks, beaches and wineries. In my opinion, these spots are ideal for the whole family to spend time with.

Some people might be thinking that Perth is a boring place to live in, especially if you are used to a very busy city. But, if you could only learn to love the place, then you can say that it is the best place to stay because of its simplicity.

How to properly pack fragile glassware

Moving to different places in Perth is not easy, especially if you have glassware to pack. You have to be very careful with these items because they are so fragile. Now, if you will not be able to pack them properly, then you will end up with broken glasses, cups and plates. Now, who is responsible for that? May be an insurance would help, but of course, the removal company, who is offering this policy will have to make sure that your items are safe no matter how fragile they are to avoid inconvenience and disappointment.

Anyway, it is very important for you to know how to pack glassware items for your moving. Sometimes, you may do the packing on your own, especially if the home removal company do not offer packing services or if they do not have available staff to do this and that’s when they have a too much occupied schedule. Now, just in case there is no one to do the glassware packing, we have here a few tips for you.

Glasses, Cups and Mugs

You have to individually wrap your glasses. Start by padding the interior down to the stem and bases with paper. Now, if you have different sizes of glass, then you have to sort them. You will need a separate box for each size or group. We have to do this to prevent them from breaking. When the glasses are already in the box, you need to get a hard paper or cut a piece of the box and use this as a barricade or wall to separate the glasses. It is also required to fill the empty spaces or gaps with a paper. If you have old newspapers, then you may use this. Make sure to seal the box and do not forget to have a fragile written on or stuck on it.

Plates and Bowls

You may get bubble wraps or old newspaper to wrap the plates. If you have a tape, then seal each plate. It is also best to get a cushion foam or a pliable cardboard and put it in the bottom of the box. And then, you may now put the plates in a vertical position. This way is ideal to avoid breaking the plates. Make sure to fill the gaps and spaces with paper. And then, seal the box. You have to do the same thing for the bowls. Make sure that they are in separate boxes because they are different in sizes.

Asking for a quote from Perth Removal Expert

As a homeowner, who have plans of moving, you have a lot of things to do. Aside from packing, you also need to find a removal company that can give you the best deal and services. Of course, you should not be contented with the sweet and promising words that they usually utter just to get clients. It is very important to find those you can trust because you have a lot of stuffs at home and they are all valuable. So, it would be nice to be very careful in choosing one.

Now, before you start signing an agreement with that particular removal company in Perth, you have to ask for a quote. Actually, you may ask from different reliable companies and then, choose the best offer. It is free anyway, so why not spare some time for it? We have here a few things for you to consider when asking for a quote.

Type of Move

The removalist will ask you about your type of move. You will need to specify, if you are going to a local or the same state or interstate. And then, you have to also state your current city as well as the city of destination. After that, you need to specify the type of things that you are going to move. Do you have a furniture, equipment, machines, office items and fragile items? Is it just for a single move or multiple ones?

The size of your property

You will need to specify stuffs for the living room. List down everything you have, such as television, tables, sofa, computer, lamps, picture frames, books and other stuffs.

It is also required to list down kitchen items, such as microwave, fridge, table, chairs and other machines available.

Now, what do you have from the bedroom? List down the sizes of beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs, lamps and other stuffs.

It is also a must to list other utility items, such as vacuum, washing machine, bicycle, lawn mower, desks, and ladder.

Make sure that every detail of those items is listed correctly.

Packing and Boxes

What size of boxes do you need? They usually have small, medium, large and extra large sizes. If you need a suitcase, then it would be great to specify that one, too. Now, if bin liner is needed, then you better talk about it, too.

From the quote, you will be able to know, if the deal is affordable or expensive. Do the same for other companies to be able to make a comparison.

Tips in Choosing a Removal Company in Perth

Australian residents may move from one city to another city and this requires home removals to help them with their house stuffs. The time may even come, where a company will move to a new and better location, which also requires a removal company.

During this situation all you need is a reliable and a trustworthy company in Perth. Of course, you cannot just let someone pick up all your things, put them in a truck and leave the place, right? You have to make sure that you are dealing with the right company because this is a big responsibility.

So, how do you think will you get to the right removal company? How can you be very sure that you can trust them? I know that it is not that easy to find out that’s why we have here a few tips for you to consider, which would help you in finding one.

Scouting nearby

If you are living in Perth, then the very first step that you need to do is to scout for the nearest removal company in your area. You may grab your phone directory and find them in the yellow pages. Or you may also go online and check the Google map. From here, you may also get the necessary information, such as office address, contact number, official web site, rating and customer reviews.

Services Offered

Visit each removal company online and check their services. You have to know, if they offer packing services, how about fragile stuffs and furniture? Do they have boxes available or you have to buy your own? Those are just a few of the services that you need to know about them and you can get information from their official website or talking to them over the phone.

Policies of the Company

It would be best, if the removal company offers insurance policies because this would be very helpful to you when you have fragile stuffs on board. It would be great, if you can also know about other policies, such as fuel, transportation service, personnel allowance and schedule delays. You should be aware about how the company deals with such expenses or extra fees.


Do not agree or sign a contract with a removal company in Perth, who are not registered and certified to do such business operations in your locality. If possible, you have to go to the desired office or organization just to find out if that particular company is legally operating. This is to help you get protected, too, as well as to stay you away from potential scammers and bad guys.