Lessons that home movers learned

As human beings, you were always given the chance to learn from your experiences. It does not matter if this is a bad or good one. What is more important is that after what happened you have learned. That is how life is supposed to be for you to grow.

Let’s look at the home owners, who have experienced moving. I know that you do not move from time to time. But, once was there in that shoe, you should have observed things. Or you should have picked up something that can teach you and serve as a lesson.

I know that during this situation, you will be very busy. All that you will just think about is how you are going to pack your things. Pretty sure that you would also try to check and monitor your stuffs often. These things are fine, but these would not let you open your eyes to other factors.

For example, you are done packing your things. But, have you labeled the boxes properly? The movers or the company will not really tell you everything that you should do. So, you have to tell yourself what you need to do. Failure to do this may leave you a lesson.

Labeling the boxes

It is very important for a box to have a label. Through this your packing will be organized. Aside from that, it would be easier for you to pick the boxes that you will open first.

Disassembling appliances or furniture

Before you disassemble any electronics or furniture, you have to take a photo of it. Now, by the time that you will be assembling it, then you can have a basis. Failure to do this may lead you to look for professional help, especially when the manual is missing.

Availing the insurance policy

You wanted to save some money because moving things would really cost much. Now, when the home and removals company in Perth offered and ask you to avail the insurance policy – you did not accept it. During your moving day, all your things were properly packed and the truck came on time.

You are now ready to leave the home, where you used to stay. But, as the mover picked up a heavy box and carried it out to keep in the storage – the box gave up. You knew that it was sealed well, though it is quite heavy for the box. So, the mover broke one of your stuffs. That is an accident, right? But, the mover may not pay this stuff because you did not avail the insurance.

When is a Home and Office Removals Company doubtful?

Trusting your belongings with strangers will surely be very risky. That is why it is very important for you to find a trustworthy Home and Office Removals Company. Though you cannot also avoid meeting people with bad practices. No matter how careful you are in choosing a company they may still come up.

That is why it is very important also for individuals to be aware about various malpractices and doubtful actions that  companies do. I am not saying that you should not trust the company. If you won’t trust them, then you will end up moving your things on your own.

What you really need to know now are the instances or situations that are doubtful. These practices may show that you cannot rely on the home and office removals company. Again, the following tips are just for you to be cautious. Knowing this will save you from possible scam companies.

No company reviews

Whether you are an old or new in the business industry, you will surely have company reviews and testimonials. Do not ever believe a company when they will tell you that they don’t have one when you asked them.

Quotes via phone call

A home and office removals company will surely find time to visit you, especially when you are asking for a quote because this action means that you are a potential customer. Now, if the company will just give you a quote by simply talking to you over the phone, then this will not always be a reliable quote.

Providing materials for

Some companies may be telling you that they are going to provide you all the materials needed to pack your things. This is indeed a good offer, but did they mention that this is not free? With this offer, do not be surprised, if you will find the packing materials fee in your bill because you won’t even know how much will be charged.

Providing recycled boxes

Do not allow the movers to provide you used and recycled boxes because these are not tough enough to carry the weight of your belongings. I know that using recycled materials are good. But, by using those used boxes, your belongings are at risk.

Moves everything

When a company allows and accept everything that you would like to move, especially interstate or to other countries, then that would be very doubtful. When they do this, they have to let you know that there are rules, regulations and policies to follow, according to the law. So, just make sure it would be explained to you and that legal documents will be presented.

Importance of an Insurance Policy for your moving

When you are moving to Perth or to any city in Australia, you would surely have to save something for the moving expenses. First, you have to spend something for the packing materials. Pretty sure that you are not only needing 1 or 2 boxes. Second, you have to pay the people or a company for their home removal services.

If you will notice, everything will be about spending. Now, as these people carry your household stuffs and transport it to your desired location, then you will not really know how your stuffs are doing. What I mean is that you cannot really monitor and check your things. So, you can never tell, if damages will occur because unavoidable situations may happen no matter how careful the driver or any personnel is.

Now, if you care about the value of your belongings, then you should learn how to protect and secure it. You can only do this by availing an insurance policy. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are going to choose a home and office removals company that offers such policy.

So, what type of insurance policy would you like to choose for the security and protection of your belongings? If you have not chosen yet, then we have here the basic and common types of insurance policies for you to choose from.

The Full-value protection Insurance

This is a type of insurance policy that offers a full value protection for your belongings. You are going to provide an estimate of those belongings. So, if damages occur, then the moving company will be paying the cost, basing on the given estimate. Therefore, do not expect for the company to pay you the exact cost of the item, when was first bought.

The Limited-value Insurance

This policy is based on the weight of your belongings. The company will usually have a rate per pound of your stuff like 70 cents. So, if the movers have accidentally broken your fragile vase, which weighs 20 pounds, then how much do you think will they pay you for this vase? Of course, they will pay you 14 USD only. You better think well about this kind of policy, especially if you are moving interstate.

The Third-party Insurance

Lastly, we have the third party. Here, instead of availing a full-value protection insurance policy from the company, you will get it from a different company or person. This may be more expensive, but it will surely be worth it.


How you are charged for moving services

Home and Office Removals companies do not have the same rates when it comes to charging their clients. Some of them collects less while some charge more. Well, this concern will depend on the status of the company in the industry. I assume, you already know that a company that is more popular usually collects more, which is a fact in the business industry.

But, as consumers or as an individual, who has plans of moving to a different city. You have the right to know how these companies will charge you for the services rendered. It does not matter, if there are different rates because the decision will still depend on your personal preferences. And then, as long as you have the money to pay, then you have all the options without any worries financially.

Some of you may be new in this kind of services offered by home and office removals. May be it is also your first time to move and leave your home. That is why, we would like you to be aware about how these companies make the charges, which should be visible and clearly seen in your estimate.


I know that you may spend some of your time packing your things at home, especially the most personal stuffs that you would not like strangers to touch. But, with all those stuffs at home, can you still manage to pack everything? I know that it would be cheaper to pack them by yourselves. But, home removals companies also offer packing services. So, if you will avail this, then it will reflect on your estimate. This will usually depend on the volume of things to pack.

Loading and Unloading

A part of the service offered is the loading and unloading of your belongings. Some companies may charge you for this, while other companies offer it for free.


Of course, driving must not be charged because the truck will not move alone. But, there are companies, who will collect charges for the fuel. You should ask about this and make it clear. Drivers or company personnel may also have extra charges for their transportation allowance.

Boxes and Materials

If you will be needing more boxes and materials for your packing, then it may be provided by the company. They may be giving you free items, but it is limited. So, they may collect fees for extra boxes or materials that you will be requesting for packing purposes.

Getting estimates or quotes for your moving

Hiring a professional would always go for a professional fee. These individuals have different rates, depending on the kind of service that they provide. Anyway, whatever is accomplished would always be paid.

And when it comes to home and office moving services, you should know how much you will pay even if the service was not yet completed. That is why in times like this, you have to ask for an estimate or quote. Most home and office removals company gives an estimate or quote. This is the best way to know how much you would be spending for the moving.

Through this, you will still have the chance to look for a reliable home and office removals company with a cheaper estimate. As a consumer, you have the right to choose a company you will deal with. So, do not hesitate to look for other better or yet, the best option.

Weight based

Most companies base their charges, depending on the weight of the cargo. This best works, when you are moving to a different country or state, where you need to move your things via ship or plane. So, you have to ask how they weigh your things. Is it measured by volume or per cubic feet? And then is it charged per kilo or pounds?

Via Inspection

There are also companies, who send representatives to inspect your things. They will physically evaluate your belongings. Anyway, depending on where you will move. There are rules to be followed, especially if this will be shipped. As long as you and the company will have legal documents, then you will have no problem for the shipment, especially when crossing borders.

Inventory List

Do not forget that you and the company will prepare a copy of the inventory list. This is a paper, containing all the stuffs that in included in your moving. Through this list, it will be easier for the company to compute and estimate the charges. Through this list, you will be able to check your stuffs, if something is missing or misplaced.

Additional Cost

It would be nice, if you can also know about the additional expenses that the home and office removals company will be collecting from you. Through this, you can also check, if the company is charging too much. Therefore, you will be given a chance to find another company to trust for your moving. Some companies may be charging and collecting too much. So, it is very important to know these concerns in advance.

Things to do when the truck have a prob on your moving day

Packing things would be the toughest and stressful experience that may happen to you when you are moving to a new place. Let’s say that you are going to Perth and leaving NSW. That would be quite a distance, right? So, you have to make sure that all boxes are ready for pick up on your moving day.

I know how difficult it is to sort and organize everything. What you have just done to make sure that all stuffs are packed well is not a joke. Let’s say that it took you sleepless days and counted weeks to complete your packing task or checklist. So, you would not surely do anything to spoil your moving day.

But, what if during your moving day, something went wrong with the truck that is supposed to pick up your stuff? I know that the Home Removals Company did not plan this to happen. And then, I also cannot blame you, if you will get disappointed and would be angry for the delay. So, what should you do when you are in this situation?

Be calm

Look, if you are going to get mad and angry with the situation, then this will just stress you out. So, consider this as a wrong behavior. I know that it is normal, but this feeling won’t help. So, try to calm down and relax.

Talk to the company

Of course, the Home Removals Company will let you know about what happened to the truck, right? Now, you have to talk to the representative nicely. You have to ask what solutions must be done to handle the problem.

If the company can provide a different truck, then that’s good. But, if they will ask you to wait and apologize for the inconvenience, then accept it. This might be their only option left. They may have other trucks, but if it is not available during this time, then you cannot do anything, but to wait.

The company may offer you incentives or deals. They may even pay you for the delay. So, just ask for any possible offer they can give you.

Don’t freak out

For example, it took you a couple of hours to wait, do not ever freak out. And then, do not even scold and shout at the Home Removals staff when they already arrive. I am sure that they did not mean to cause you delay. So, be patient and understanding because unexpected situations like this may really happen. Try to smile to keep the transport away from bad luck.

Home moving tips for a smooth packing

Some people feel so sad because they need to leave their homes – the place where kids used to play, your wife cooks and where the whole family gathers. While others feel so excited and thinks positively about having a new place to live. They are looking forward to meet new friends from the neighborhood and experience a different culture.

Let’s say that you have a quite big family. This means that you also have a lot of household stuff to pack, right? I know that every family member may help in packing, but they cannot do much, especially if they are still young. We all know that this would be stressful. So, we have here a few tips that may help you have a smooth packing.

Organize things

First, you have to prepare the supplies needed for your packing. Get the boxes, packaging tapes, scissors and pens ready. You would surely need boxes of different size. Do not forget that you need a tough one. So, you better check the quality of the boxes.

The next thing that you need to do is to organize the stuffs. You can do this by assigning a box to every item classified. For example, kitchen utensils, bathroom stuffs, living room and bedroom stuffs to name a few. Through this, packing would go smoothly.


May be you have already thrown away the boxes of some electronic devices at home. Anyway, you may get a different box for each. But, before packing them, you need to take a photo of the device just to make sure that you cannot forget how the cables are connected to it. Aside from that, the photos will be very helpful too, because you can see the electronic devices when got damaged or not.

Prepare a space for the boxes

Make sure that you will have a space for the boxes that will be filled up. Through this, the removals company can easily pick up the boxes. It is not necessary for this to be too wide. Just make sure that this space is enough for your stuffs.

Do not allow air in the box

When you are packing, make sure that you will not leave spaces. Fill the box properly. If you are going to leave spaces, then you will allow air to stay in the box. When this happens, the stuffs inside will keep on moving as the truck moves. With this, you will surely find your stuff messed up. You have to avoid these things when packing.

Easy packing tips for rush home movers

As a home mover, who is running out of time, you cannot avoid to forget things. I know that no matter how much you wanted to finish packing on time, still your time won’t be enough. This is normal for a very busy person, especially when you have a busy workload at work. And then, consider your daily routines, too. You would surely be exhausted when packing after a long day of work, right?

You already know that you do not have enough time to pack things. Therefore, you need to make a way on how you can pack everything, especially the most important ones. I know that you can always get a home removals company from Perth, but you have a moving day scheduled. Now, let me help you how you can pack your things easily.

Prepare your Checklist

I know that you are in a hurry, but this is not a reason not to make a checklist. Remember that this checklist will remind you of the things you need to pack. Without this list, then you may really fail to pack even the most important stuffs that you need to take to your new place.

 Avoid freaking out

First, you should not panic because this will stress you and would make you forget things, too. Freaking out will not really help. Instead, it will just waste your time and effort. Try to avoid this and focus on how you can work on packing things.


You have to make sure that you have all the boxes or containers you need ready. Of course, it must be labeled already, so that you can easily pack. Through this, your stuffs will be organized and you can save more time rather than guessing which box is needed for your things.


You must also have a separate box or container for the stuffs that you would like to donate. Just make sure that these stuffs are still working or functioning. When the box is ready, donate them and get ready for your moving day.

Asking for Help

If you think that your time is really not enough and you can see that you still have more to pack, then it is time for you to call for help. If you have some friends around and free, then ask them. But, if everybody is busy, then your only option is to ask for home removals company for their extra services. Pretty sure that you can finish packing with someone’s help.

Factors that may affect your home moving day

Pretty sure that you are very excited about moving to Perth. Everybody loves to stay in Australia, anyway. So, you would not surely want everything to stay out of your moving day. I know that you have planned well about moving. You took the best home removals company with quality services. You would surely pack everything that you need to take.

But, sometimes, you cannot avoid things to happen. And these things may be the reasons why there is a delay to your moving day. I know that you did not plan for such things, but it just happened. We have here a few things that may affect your moving day to get delayed or postponed.

Packing materials

When it comes to your packaging, you have to make sure that you will choose the right materials. For example, when it comes to the boxes, it must be the right size of box with the right quality. It must not be soft. Instead, use boxes that can carry the weight of the stuffs.

When the stuffs are too heavy for the box, there is a chance for the base of this box to open when you carry it. When this happens, you will find all your stuffs on the floor. Therefore, you need to repack them again. This is a waste of time, so you must avoid it.


If you are going to choose a home removals company, you have to make sure that they inspect their trucks before using it, especially on your moving day. There are situations that you may not avoid without proper inspection and maintenance. For example, the truck may experience a flat tire during the transport. This would surely cause delay.

What if the truck has more serious problems and was used for your transport? Let’s say that they engine malfunctioned. Or we can also say that the truck has low fuel or oil. And then, it can also be that the brakes are out of control. These may be experienced without maintenance. So, you better be careful in choosing the company.

New house

What if the new house is not yet ready during your moving day? This is not good because the moving was already scheduled and planned. When this happens, you will arrive to your new house without a place to stay. So how about your stuffs and the truck? This will surely lead you to postpone your moving day and find a new schedule. Aside from that, the company may also charge you for a new schedule.

Mistakes that you must avoid when moving

Nobody is perfect and we often commit mistakes. I am not saying that you are not taking care and not cautious enough. But, sometimes because of stress and time pressure, you forget things that lead to mistakes. I know this is normal because we are just human beings. But, this does not mean that you will get used to such mistakes.

What if the day comes when you need to move to a new house in Perth? This is a very important part of your life. So, if possible, you have to avoid making mistakes to make sure that your things will be packed properly. Aside from that, you just need to be more careful not to forget essential things.

Anyway, to help you avoid making mistakes when you are moving. We have here a few instances that you must avoid.

Boxes without labels

It would be easier for you to organize things, especially when unpacking, if you are going to label the boxes properly. Sometimes, there are things that you need to unpack first. Therefore, the labels will be very helpful.

It is also important to label the boxes, containing fragile items. Through this, the home removals company would be more careful in handling and transporting them.

Wrong Packing materials

It is very important for you to ask for the right packing materials, such as boxes, plastic containers, tapes and pens. For example, when it comes to the pen used in plastic materials. Make sure that the writing won’t be erased.

If you are going to use boxes and plastic containers, then make sure that they are tough enough to carry the weight of the stuffs. Use packaging tapes that are sticky enough to avoid boxes opened by themselves.

Packing Unimportant Stuffs

Sometimes, due to stress and rush, you may forget to pack the most important things. This is something that you must avoid. So, make sure to pack the essential and important items first before packing the less important ones.

Friday and Weekend moving day

If you wish to avoid traffic jams along the road, then you must try avoiding a schedule that will fall on a Friday, Saturday and Sundays. During these days, a lot of vehicles are on the road and going to different places. If you will join the crowd, then this would surely cause you some delays on the road. Therefore, you will feel the trip to be stressful and everybody may find it really exhausting.