Item Disposal

Goodyear Removals and Transport is a leading item disposal company in Perth. Family owned and run in Perth for several years, you can trust us with all your item disposal needs. Disposing of your unwanted items has never been easier with our highly-experienced staff.

When unwanted items surround a working or living area, it is highly unlikely for you to concentrate. As a result, it will be difficult for you to be productive in an environment like that.

To live and work in a litter-free area and thus be more productive in your work and family time, contact Goodyear Removals and Transport. We are experts at organization and de-cluttering any living or working areas that are filled with litter or unwanted and unused materials.

Why Choose Goodyear Removals and Transport for your Item Disposal needs in Perth?

Environmentally Friendly

Having worked in Perth for over two decades we are aware of all the regulations governing disposal and adhere to them strictly. This assures our customers that their unwanted items will not be scattered around or simply dumped at landfill which may lead to environmental pollution.

In addition, we are well connected with the recycling plants in Perth and any of the items disposed from your household or office is well sorted and recycled where possible and necessary.

Qualified and Experience Team

With years of item disposal experience in Perth, we have a highly qualified team serving our clients. Our family-run team is friendly and professional and ensures that our service adds professionalism to your environment. We arrive on time and ensure that our customers are served to their satisfaction. In addition, we have the required equipment to perform each job beyond the standard of expectation of any of our customer categories.

Fair Pricing and Affordable Services

At Goodyear Removals and Transport, we believe that our services should be affordable and that our Perth item disposal pricing should be open and competitive. This ensures that our clients can see every item of pricing and understand our pricing structure.

Our item disposal services are competitively priced and within reach for different categories of our customers. We offer affordable residential and commercial item disposal services in Perth without sacrificing quality.

High Self-Imposed Service and Quality Standards

In addition to the environmental regulations around item disposal Perth services, we also have our own stringent standards that ensure we provide high-quality services. After we have cleared the items that our customers need disposed, we ensure that we remove any other items or substances that may cause our customer’s surroundings to be unsafe and unsanitary.

Our Item Disposal Perth Services        

At Goodyear Removals and Transport, we provide the following item disposal services to all our Perth clients:

  • Household appliances and electronics
  • Residential garbage
  • Corporate garbage disposal
  • Furniture removal
  • New home clean up
  • Any other unwanted items in your home

In need of item disposal services in Perth? Contact the experts on 0475 442 980 or email us at and we will be in touch.