Office Removals

Different people in various professions occupy offices of different sizes making every office relocation client unique. Our Office Removal services are fully equipped in terms of personnel to help in your office relocation. Our aim is to carry out the relocation without causing a stoppage in your flow of work. This is achieved after a close analysis of your office by our office removal experts and of the recommendations we provide.

What’s Included in our Office Removal Services?


Packing and Unpacking Services

We come to your office and help you in the packing of the different items that you have. We also help to get your new office up and running swiftly by helping in the unpacking process. In addition to this, we offer packing cartons and papers to facilitate the packing of related items together.

Moving Office Furniture

We understand that moving offices includes carrying of tables and desks among other furniture. Our team of office removal experts has a wide range of equipment that is used in the disassembly and assembly of furniture to make moving them easier. We also have professional equipment for fragile office items to ensure that they are handled appropriately during the moving process.

Relocation of Files

To ensure that you get to focus on your immediate work after moving offices, we offer chronological relocation of files from the old office to the new location. Our experienced team performs a complete library relocation of your office to enable you to trace your files easily.


Office Removals Prerequisites

People relocate office locations for several reasons such as downsizing or increasing their operations. Whatever the reason is for your desire to move into a new office, it is important that you carry out the following moving prerequisites to ease the moving process.

1.     Planning

It is important that you plan the office move in advance to avoid confusion and delays in the moving process. Map out what you want the new office to look like and give the plan to us so that we can arrange the different items where you want them. This also allows you ample time to book office movers on a date when it is most convenient for you to have your office items moved to a new location.

2.     Sort Through Items

It is crucial to go through every item stored in the office to ensure that you carry only what you need. Get rid of unnecessary files and equipment that are no longer in use. This is one sure way to create more space in the new office and make it look tidy. As item disposal experts, we can help you get rid of any unwanted items.

3.     New Acquisitions

The new office might require supporting infrastructure or you might be interested in getting some new office equipment. It is advisable that you book the items on time so that by the time you move into the office they are already installed.

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