Packing Services

Packing a removal truck is like playing Tetris. The key is to ensure that the load is situated on a square base. The same can be said when packing cartons.

When deciding on how to package your items for moving, you will need to consider whether you will do the packing yourself or if you will need professional packing services.

The convenience and success of the whole process will be determined by the decision you make. If the safety of your items is a priority, then seeking a professional packing service company in Perth would be the ideal option.

How Goodyear Removals and Transport Can Help You

Here are the three main benefits we provide:

Save time

As with any service, you can do it yourself or hire professionals. When it comes to packing items yourself, you may end up taking more time due to the emotional attachment to certain items and failing to understand how to undertake the whole process. Our experienced removal team will speed up the process and safely pack your items for your new location.


Due to our experience, our packing professionals provide quality services and are well trained. We have the knowledge that is required for proper packing to ensure the safety of your items during transportation.

Save Money & Resources

If you are relocating your business, the more time that is consumed when packing your items, the more money you will waste. Seeking a professional service will, therefore, save you money by reducing the time spent packing, allowing you to resume your work flow quicker.

What’s Included in Our Packing Services?

Packing materials

For safe packaging, we provide professional packing materials for your large, small and varied items. This ensures that the items are transported with ease and the safety of all the items is in place. Some of the materials provided include boxes and cartons of different sizes, types and styles to suit your needs accordingly; bubble wrap, packaging tape, and packing paper to name a few. Don’t risk damaging your items, contact Goodyear Removals and Transport for your packing needs.

Systematic packaging

If you are doing the packing yourself, you may fail to clearly identify what you should begin with when packaging your items. This may consume most of your time. Since the personnel provided by our team are well trained, we can pack your items accordingly and in a systematic manner, hence nothing is missed, and the packing is done with significant time.


For easy identification of the items packed in the boxes, we provide proper labelling of these boxes before they are loaded into the vehicles for moving. This assists in the easy unpacking of the items at their desirable position with less hassle. In addition, we do not only provide packing services but also unpacking services once all the items are moved to your new location.

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